The Chalice

The Chalice

Where can The Chalice be used?

The Chalice was originally designed for the cinema industry to provide movie goers with a more enjoyable experience by allowing them to purchase and carry their favourite drinks and snacks to their seat safely and still be hands free. After years of development and many family led focus groups it soon became apparent by the demand for home entertainment, movie marathons and box set binges etc. that The Chalice would add that extra "cinema experience" at home.

An innovative way to keep your snacks warm and your drink cold.

The ‘Thermal Barrier’ insulates the bowl from the cup to prevent cold air creating humidity, thus ensuring snacks stay warm.

  • Carried in a single hand
  • Custom branding and colour options
  • Lenticular and 3D graphics
  • Themed and character straws
  • Perfect for promotions, events and parties
  • Warm and cold snacks can be contained in the bowl
  • Slush/frozen, still and carbonated (fizzy) drinks can be contained in the cup
  • Two, four & six way rotating divider for pick ‘n’ mix/snacks
  • Optional lanyard for hands free carrying
  • Half-dome visor lid to secure snacks while on the go.

International Pat Pend: WO2015/193687
UK Pat Pend: 2527369
UK Pat Pend: 1600926.8
Chinese Registered Design: 2016302953878
EU Registered Design: 002928408
International Registered Design: WIPO54878

About The Chalice

Key Features

01. Thermal Barrier
Thermal Void

Ensures hot snacks in the bowl stay hot & the drink in the cup stays cold.

02. Easy Access
Easy Access

Carry the vessel in one hand, with easy access to snacks.

03. Size Variation
Size Variation

Both the cup & bowl are available in multiple size options.

04. Bowl Divider
Product Separator

Compartments in the bowl to hold a variety of different snack options.

05. Lid

Holds the snacks in place when “on the go”.

06. Lanyard

Allows hands-free useage, with safety catch attached.

07. Water Tight
Water Tight

Sealed connection between cup & bowl to prevent spillage.

08. Colour Variation
Colour Variation

The Chalice Cup is available in a selection of colours.


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